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30 January 2013

Kentucky Route Zero, an experience like none other

By // Games

It’s a muggy summer night in Kentucky. The darkened farmhouse on the hill recedes into the blackness, and while hurrying down the gravel path to the road below, the sounds of singing …

02 November 2012

Blue Jays 2012 Report Card, Part 3: The Lineup

By // Sports

In parts 1 and 2 of this report card, the Blue Jays pitching woes were covered, and with them out of the way, it’s time to take a look at …

10 October 2012

Blue Jays 2012 Report Card Part 2: The Bullpen

By // Sports

While it was a rough year for the Toronto Blue Jays starting pitchers (see part 1 of the report card), the bullpen fared somewhat better. After a rough start that …

06 October 2012

Blue Jays 2012 Report Card Part 1: Starting Pitching

By // Sports

For Blue Jays fans, the 2012 season was one that started with high hopes, but ended in crushing disappointment. After having a stellar preseason and managing to stay in the …

07 September 2012

Why the NHL Doesn’t Mind Betraying Its Fans. Again.

By // Sports

Most hockey fans will tell you that the 2004–05 season was a pretty dark time for the sport. For the first time in the history of North American professional sports, …

30 August 2012

The Power of Choice

By // Games

As a rule, video games don’t age well. The mechanics become clunky when compared to modern titles, graphics start to look muddy, and budget voice actors sound even cheesier. All …

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