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07 October 2018

What is Love by Pauli Rose Libsohn

By // Books

This book is a love letter to Mitzi Libsohn, the author’s mother. It is ostensibly about the love story of her parents and the poetry that sprang from that relationship, …

12 July 2018

Art by the Book: Beginning Color Mixing

By // Books

Kimberly Adams’ Beginning Color Mixing: Tips and Techniques for Mixing Vibrant Colors and Cohesive Palettes is a fantastic book for new artists wanting to learn more about color in a way that …

22 June 2018

Art by the Book: Practical Calligraphy

By // Books

George Thomson’ s Practical Calligraphy is a small book full of big ideas. It introduces the history and uses of calligraphy in straightforward and inspiring ways, from ancient Mesopotamia, through …

21 September 2017

Gabe Hudson’s Gork

By // Books

Perhaps young adult fiction is not my thing. Perhaps I am a little too old, a little too far removed from high school. Whatever the reason, this book, full of …

08 November 2016

The Book Club Chronicles: The Lake House

By // Books

The Book Club met to discuss The Lake House by Kate Morton. Our feelings as a group can be summed up by Patty’s comment, “I wanted to stay home from …

30 August 2016

The Book Club Chronicles: Introduction

By // Books

Five women with a shared love of reading fiction came together just over a year ago. Our purpose: to enjoy the camaraderie of discussing books, to encourage the exploration of …

16 September 2013

TO Summer Shakespeare, Pt2: Shrew in High Park

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In live theatre, you know that anything can happen – props don’t work, actors skip a couple of lines, or segue into ad libs. It is what makes it exciting …

23 May 2012

Jimmy Iovine Talks up Tonight’s Idol Finale!

By // TV

Let me just put it out there – I love American Idol. I love watching the kids come in, hearts on sleeves, nervous, hoping against hope they will get their …

15 February 2012

Alyxandra Harvey Haunts Violet

By // Books

In her young adult novel, Haunting Violet, Alyxandra Harvey takes us on a journey to Britain in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It is a world full of …

09 February 2012

Pride & Prejudice, The Murderous Sequel

By // Books

For fans of Jane Austen, like me, the publication of Death Comes to Pemberley was cause for a little celebration. The author, P.D. James, was born in Oxford in 1920, …

28 January 2012

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

By // Books

When I picked up this wonderfully researched and evocative novel, my knowledge of Ethiopia was woefully limited. Within a few pages, Abraham Verghese drew me in to a world of …

19 November 2010

2,500 Years of History in 42.2 Kilometers

By // Sports

The Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC. Legend says that a soldier named Pheidippiedes ran from the site of the battle to Athens to relay news of the …

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