04 October 2012

Dark Souls: The Art of Dying

By // Games

I did not want to play this game when I heard about it. I am still fairly new to the gaming community, so a game that touts itself as being …

08 April 2012

Lionhead Studio’s Fable

By // Games

I have played all of Lionhead Studio’s Fable series so far. I heard about the upcoming Fable: Heroes and was confused and sad. It looked dubious. I thought to myself, …

31 March 2012

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

By // Games

Everyone in my house has been playing far too much Skyrim. Most hours of the day you can catch the faint melodies of dragons lighting a wintery countryside on fire …

06 January 2012

Sonic Generations

By // Games

A lot of things can spark our memories; smells, textures, songs, pictures, and even taste. It’s like a small time capsule exploding in your face, bringing old memories rushing back …

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