13 March 2019

Nominee Interview Series: Matthew Finlan & Landon Doak

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2018 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual…

11 August 2016

Introducing Fantasy Hospital

By // TV

Should the magical creatures at the Fantasy Hospital start treating mortals? That’s the big debate following episode 5 of Fantasy Hospital “LIVE from the Opal Office.” I’ve really enjoyed the …

28 March 2016

The Best TV Season

By // TV

The first few months of the new year are the best. The temperature drops below -40°, the ice makes dog walking nearly impossible, and the best holiday is again almost …

17 April 2014

From Our Staff: In the Interim

By // TV

We love our staff, but we love them entirely conditionally. Perhaps said condition should be that they hand in their stories on time and don’t give us any attitude (that …

08 October 2013

Kickstart This: Ava Snow Battles Death

By // TV

It’s always awesome when you stumble upon something cool made by people who just really like the same nerdy shit you do. Such is the case with Ava Snow Battles …

07 March 2013

Burning Love, Season 2

By // TV

“My plan for tonight is really just to hang out with as many guys as possible and to not go to any of my dark places”. The line between televised …

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