Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all of our coverage from Toronto Comicon 2022.    The cast of the 90s classic anime Sailor Moon reveals the secrets of how the show was made and recreates their iconic call signs for fans at Toronto Comicon.  

We caught up with voice actor Eric Bauza to get the scoop on Nickelodeon’s new animated reboot…

Every year, buried deep in the Fan Expo programme book are hidden gems that are tremendously easy to overlook. Often, these are lectures, debates, or conversations with an expert applying their knowledge to fandom or sketch duels between great artists, who chat during their impromptu sketching, providing insight both into the artist and their method. […]

  Tom McGee

So, you might not know Jennifer Hale’s name, but chances are you know one of her many, many voices. Perhaps most famous these days for her iconic role as Commander Shepard (lovingly known as FemShep for ‘Female Shepard’) in the Mass Effect trilogy, Hale has been in the voice game for a long time. To […]

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con We caught up with two of the giants of voice-over acting  John DiMaggio (Futurama‘s Bender) and Frederick Tatasciore (Avengers Assemble‘s Hulk) who were on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to promote I Know That Voice, their documentary about the industry that is now being adapted into […]

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con When The Lego Movie hit theatres, the vast ensemble of inventive supporting characters caught the attention of adults and kids alike. Now, one of the film’s most memorable bit parts is getting her own star vehicle on Cartoon Network. Unikitty, originally voiced […]

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Rachel Kimsey grew up loving Wonder Woman so it was a dream come true when she got the part on Cartoon Network’s DC team-up show Justice League Action, which premiered in December 2016 and is currently 29 zany adventures into its run. […]

  Fabiana Cabral

Before we announce the winners of the 2014 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Elizabeth Anne Rimar played (and is nominated for the role of) the pilot prodigy Maxine in New Rep’s production of Tongue of a Bird; gifted at finding lost souls in icy terrains, she struggles to keep a […]