11 August 2014

A Moment in Reality

By // TV

This is why I love reality TV. Most people watch it for the schadenfreude or escapism, but I tune in because if the greatest writer in the world had written …

18 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: 12 best episodes of the revived series

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We trust that you’ve read Part I (12 most memorable moments: HERE) and Part II (our 12 favourite guest stars: HERE) of our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration, so here’s Part III. And don’t forget Part IV (top 6 …

06 November 2013

Doctor Who Turns 50: 12 most memorable moments

By // TV

As the first part of our Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration, and in honor of the 12 (or soon to be 12) incarnations of the Doctor, we’re taking a look …

08 February 2012

Video of the Day: Bachelor Auto-Tune

By // TV

Whether you love or hate Courtney from this season of The Bachelor (love because she’s hilarious and undermines the absurdity of the whole cheesy concept; hate because she’s frosty at …

06 February 2012

NBC’s “Brotherhood”, You Love It.

By // TV

The Superbowl had plenty of highlights (check My Sports in the coming days for Jason’s full coverage of the game) but hands down my favourite moment came courtesy of the …

28 May 2009

The Dancing Season 5: The Return of the Favourites

By // TV

So You Think You Can Dance season 5 is off with a bang with returning favourites. In the grand tradition of Hok and Twitch (who made the top 20 as fan …

01 April 2009

My Favourite Idol Performance

By // TV

This is what a singer sounds like- season 8, LISTEN UP!


22 January 2009

Happy Ending

By // TV

After this week’s Privileged I’ve fallen in love with this song. Here to celebrate this love are Natalli and Vincent from So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

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