Zach Adler

Editor’s Note: For six years running, contributing author Zach Adler has spent the month of April putting out a poem a day. By turns earnest and wry, these poems are based on prompts (and often forms) chosen at random using a deck of cards. The prompts range from “The Grandfather Paradox” to “Emotional Adultery” to […]

  Kevin Dillon

1-Fargo (F/X) I was hesitant to start this show, and after the first episode was a mirror image of the events from the film, I stopped watching. After hearing some buzz to the contrary, I pushed forward as the show had come to an end, and boy was I glad. Fargo was a fantastic twist […]

Back in May 2012- which seems like a long time ago, but it was only 2 years ago- the USA network premiered a show entitled Political Animals.  The show starred Sigourney Weaver, and much like Damages (F/X) or The Closer (TNT), Animals was banking on female star power to sell the show.  One of the […]

  Zach Drummer

If television shows and video games could be paired in the same manner that cheese and wines can be paired – and who even said that’s a thing – I’m fairly certain that I stumbled into an apex pairing of these two disparate entertainment forms. It would seem that True Detective goes quite nicely with […]

  Zach Drummer

There are moments while watching HBO’s grim and unnerving new character drama – not cop procedural – True Detective when you find yourself laughing. These aren’t just the laughs that stem from feeling uncomfortable, although those do occur, such as in the latest episode when our two detectives visit an outdoor sermon for a cultish […]

I came to HBO’s newest series on a week delay, unexpectedly following a dispiriting NFC championship game in which my beloved 49ers lost in heartbreaking fashion. My friend just so happened to recommend a double feature of the first two episodes of True Detective as a salve for my depression, which given the show’s bleak […]