21 September 2016

dreamplay by BAZ productions at the Vaults

By // Theatre (London)

Stringberg’s 1901 work A Dream Play is historically important: its lack of structure, condensing of characters to social roles and narrative current that winds along by way of thin associations …

07 March 2016

All your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever at the Vaults

By // Theatre (London)

Imagine living in a box like a mouse. Now imagine never having any real contact with close friends and relatives and only being able to hear them speak. This seems …

19 February 2016

The Eulogy of Toby Peach at the Vault Festival

By // Theatre (London)

Cancer is no laughing matter, but the Eulogy of Toby Peach introduces audiences to a way to talk seriously about the disease while still cracking a smile. Written and performed …

12 September 2015

One Minute at The Vaults

By // Theatre (London)

Simon Stephens often writes plays that are difficult to perform. He will display a character through a pinhole rather than a window. It is therefore very much up to audience …

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