Colin Munch

Click Here to read previous instalments of Skinner Box Storytelling.  Everything I’m playing right now is an MMO in some form or another. From the one great success of the genre, World of Warcraft, to the only shooter hybrid to really work, Destiny, and the licensed mega properties of Star Trek and Star Wars. Star […]

  Colin Munch

The modern video game industry is a lot like Hollywood: big budget, ‘can’t fail’ titles that are nearly indistinguishable from one another pumped out year after year among a sea of quirky indie experiments that, when they hit, go off like a nuclear bomb. This new feature Skinner Box Storytelling will detail my weekly obsessions/distractions […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

It is my humble opinion that, when it comes to a cultural landmark movie like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, even opinions and critical consensus constitute a spoiler. For that reason, I’ll throw up a great, big SPOILER WARNING right here, even though I am going to make a concerted effort not to ACTUALLY spoil […]

When I first heard that Star Wars: Battlefront II, possibly one of the most enjoyable and accomplished battlefield-games of the PS2/Xbox generation, was getting a reboot, I was both hugely excited and anxious at the same time. You see, when grappling with such a beloved franchise, every effort must be made to try and reach, […]