Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read the rest of our reviews from Toronto Fringe 2023.    Our Little Secret: The 23&Me Musical (A) This solo musical tells the true story of Noam Tomaschoff’s discovery that his parents used a sperm donor and he has 35 secret siblings. It’s an amazing story almost too wild to believe but Tomaschoff’s […]

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here for a full list of our 2022 Toronto Fringe reviews.    At the Table with Keith Brown (A) I hate to be tricked but I love hyper-specific skills that can only be mastered with good old fashioned decades of practice. So magicians often present a bit of a problem for me. What works […]

  Kelly Bedard

More reviews from the Toronto Fringe Festival! Featuring Sketch T-Rex,

Mae Martin’s autobiographical-adjacent Netflix series Feel Good was one of the great emotional experiences of our 2020 Year of Television. Playing an emotionally truthful/factually ambiguous version of “Mae” navigating love and addiction as a London stand-up, Martin’s easy charm and astounding vulnerability immediately captured our hearts, earning them a nomination for Outstanding Leading Performance in […]

  Kelly Bedard

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre is getting in on Pride month with an Official Pride Toronto Community event this weekend, a two-day mini-festival of shows highlighting LGBTQ performers. Three shows on Friday will be followed up by four shows on Saturday and, as is often the case at Bad Dog, you can add shows to your […]

  Chris Behmke

Randy Writes A Novel, currently playing at the Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row, is not what one would conventionally call “theatre,” per se. The show is set in a theatre, but it is really a semi-scripted stand-up comedy act built around personal storytelling, riffing on societal commentary, and interspersed with existential philosophy and reflection. And […]

  Duncan Derry

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Self-Ish (B+) It says a lot about the strength of Diana Bang’s performance in this one-woman piece (and my shoddy pre-viewing research) that while I was watching it I assumed it to be an autobiographical work, pulled from the actor’s life. I have no […]

  Chelsea Dinsmore

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Grey (A) After the lights came back up at the end of Grey, I needed a moment to recover from the emotional wallop that this show packs.  As someone who loves moral ambiguity and stories about flawed characters, this is exactly my kind of play, […]