22 June 2020

Zoey’s Extraordinary Hits: The Best of Season One

By // TV

I loved NBC’s weird little jukebox musical show. Buried as a midseason replacement then rolled out strangely with the pilot dropping long before the actual series launch, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist …

19 March 2020

Season Wrap Up: The Unicorn

By // TV

If we’re grading on the specific curve of CBS comedy, The Unicorn is an A- sitcom. The cast is sharp (multiple cast members, mostly Michaela Watkins, are all-time greats) and …

20 September 2019

The End of Orange is the New Black

By // TV

When it premiered in July 2013, Orange is the New Black was only the third original show on Netflix. House of Cards, which I’ve always maintained wasn’t half as good …

08 August 2019

Summer Binge: After Life

By // TV

As a sworn loyalist to the dying landscape of network television, I spend much of the year watching TV the old fashioned way- on the TV, one week at a …

23 May 2019

Ending Game of Thrones

By // TV

Well, this is it. The series is done. I started writing these articles in 2016, right before season six started. It seems like such a long time ago, three years …

18 May 2019

Grey’s Anatomy, The Privilege of Time, and the Death of Shondaland’s For the People

By // TV

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grey’s Anatomy lately. That show,…

16 May 2019

The Absurd Trajectory of the Prophetic Veep

By // TV

I hated Veep when it premiered back in 2012. Armando Ianucci’s biting satire of American democracy felt to me like useless cynicism, a crass comedy of bad behaviour like It’s …

13 March 2019

Gallagher Forever

By // TV

Sunday’s night’s season nine finale was the final episode of Shameless starring Emmy Rossum. Fiona’s open-ended exit leaves room for a return- for a holiday episode a few seasons away, …

29 June 2018

RuPaul’s Drag Race S10 Finale: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquaria

By // TV

If you told me week one of this season that I would…

24 May 2018

Survivor Ghost Island Finale: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

By // TV

Welcome to the sweet release that is the final resting place of Survivor: Ghost Island…

23 February 2018

Winter Games For The Win

By // TV

Last year, Ashley I(aconetti) won our  award for Outstanding Female Reality TV Star and, when she did, I wrote the following: “She’s a refreshingly frank, sneakily smart, consistently funny person …

02 February 2018

Do Good

By // TV

I actually just finished telling a friend that I don’t think recapping/reviewing/discussing The Good Place in any kind of semi-formal forum is all that useful. My argument was that, with …

22 December 2017

Survivor Finale Recap: The Fix Is In

By // TV

Welcome back to the final recap of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers! It seems like only yesterday I was sitting down to pen my first recap of this season, …

17 September 2017

The Virtue of a Bold Type

By // TV

Melora Hardin is always in charge. Known as the hard-ass from corporate always squashing the Scranton Office hijinks, Sarah Pfefferman’s uncompromising ex on Transparent, and the high-end event planner keeping …

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