04 July 2009

Scrubs Says Goodbye

By // TV

The series finale of the Scrubs we know aired on May 6th but I just got around to watching it tonight. I say “the Scrubs we know” because the show …

16 May 2009

More Happy PickUp News

By // TV

I haven’t been this proud of the networks in a really long time. Not only does the notorious FOX seem determined to undercut its reputation as the least supportive network …

27 March 2009


By // TV

Hello readers of My TV. My name is Lauren and I am the newest writer to join this fabulous blog. Please enjoy my first post. After having an Office marathon …

28 January 2009


By // TV

Tara’s Family supportive husband Max, somewhat rebellious daughter Kate and sweet son Marshall are the perfect compliment to the central craziness in United States of Tara. Scrubs The new season is very sweet. The …


16 January 2009

Romantic Entanglement

By // TV

This week, one of TV’s most complicated couples fell back into old patterns. With a heartbreak and hurt littering their romantic history together, should JD and Elliot really be putting …


25 April 2008

A Farewell to Bob Kelso

By // TV

Last night’s episode of Scrubs marked the exit of a key player at Sacred Heart since the show began: chief of medicine Bob Kelso. Unaware that he was leaving the …

20 April 2008

A Heart-y Helping of Scrubs

By // TV

OK, yes I realize that’s a really stupid title for a post but it really sums up the 2 episodes of ScrubsI just watched (catching up online on what they’ve …

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