OK, yes I realize that’s a really stupid title for a post but it really sums up the 2 episodes of ScrubsI just watched (catching up online on what they’ve aired since their hiatus).

Oftentimes extremely funny but not consistently so, the best thing Scrubs has going for it is that it really is a heartfelt show. The two most recent episodes have focused on JD’s friendships with Turk and Elliot, Turk and Carla’s marriage and JD, Turk and Carla’s roles as parents. There have been touching patient-based story lines as well. They were very lovely, for lack of a better word.

Easily my favourite story in the episodes, however, had very little to do with any of the characters mentioned above. It was the Janitor’s story in the most recent episode (entitled “My Manhood”). Feeling as though no one cared about his opinion, the Janitor, with his ‘brain trust’ (Ted, Doug and Lloyd), publishes a newspaper called ‘The Janitorial’. He publishes false information about Dr. Cox and when he asks why he is torturing him, the Janitor replies: “Because you called me stupid. Now I’ve been called a great many horrible names in my life, backstabber, zebra poacher, Josh, and I’ve accepted these because to each of them there is a degree of truth. But, I am not, nor will I ever be, stupid”. I loved that storyline. One of the few insults that can really get to me is being called stupid and I love when the Janitor stands up for himself. You Go Janitor.