Kelly Bedard

Reporting on The Orville from Comic-Con International 2022 in San Diego.

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all of our coverage from Toronto Comicon 2022.    We met A.S. Creations on the floor at Toronto Comicon to hear about how they make their incredible character masks modelled on iconic characters.  

  Kelly Bedard

Click Here to read all of our coverage from Toronto Comicon 2022.    The puppeteer behind Star Wars‘ Admiral Ackbar recounts behind the scenes stories for fans at Toronto Comicon.  

  Kelly Bedard

Hello, Fellow Social Isolators!   Like you, we’re determined to do all we can to #FlattenTheCurve and limit this COVID-19 horror show as much as possible. We’re donating where we can, but mostly we’re staying out of the way, hauled up alone in our apartments riding it out so we don’t contribute to the spread of this thing.   So that […]

  Mark Kay

One of the strengths of science fiction is the power it has to tackle ideas and discussions that might otherwise feel too distant for an audience, and make them feel real, visceral and approachable. From The Water is at its best when showcasing that strength, taking the audience into a deep dive into the idea […]

  Alisha Maclean

Part cabaret, part musical, Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a rowdy sci-fi romp — reminiscent of what a lovechild between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Barbarella would look like. Having been reproduced in both the US and in the UK, this Toronto iteration by Small but Mighty Productions serves it well, though the […]

  Tom McGee

Guardians of the Galaxy Episode Four: Who Needs You has a serious identity crisis going on: at first, it seems like one of the most legitimately episodic adventures do date, with our heroes trapped underground and on the run from rock-eating space worms. While the change in scenery from temples was nice, the scenario felt […]

Now that’s more like it. After a slow start and a remarkably incomplete two-part premiere, we now have an actual sense of the kind of show Star Trek: Discovery wants to be. And while it’s a departure from Treks of yore (as advertised), what Discovery has finally set up is extremely promising. Picking up six […]