Thea Fitz-James

Amusement (B+) How cute are Johnnie Walker and Morgan Norwich. And what an enjoyable performance they’ve put together to celebrate Nobody’s Business Theatre’s 10th (along with Redheaded Stepchild, review forthcoming). Amusement is funny, brilliantly written and wonderfully executed. This comedy, and sometimes musical, is the perfect fix for any 28, going on 19-year-old out there. […]

  Marty Chodorek

When All Is Said & Get Served (A) A highly contrasting pair of pieces choreographed by Winnipeg’s Alexandra Elliott, When All Is Said and Get Served share an hour on the stage of The Al Green Theatre and should complement the average Fringe-goer’s verbally abundant festival experience with some virtuosic physical performance. When All Is Said […]

  Theresa Perkins

If there is something both inherently funny and inherently creepy about puppets, then Tyrone McHansley is the god of all puppets. Or is he the devil? One thing is certain, he is special and so is the play that he is appearing in at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. Robert Askins’ Hand to God is an […]

  Theresa Perkins

I am a Manhattanite. If I make it north of 14th Street, I am probably on my way to see a show or am playing tour guide to visiting friends. God forbid I have to cross water to get somewhere. However, last Saturday night, I headed to Bushwick in Brooklyn for the first time, which […]