11 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Thea, Day 4

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Amusement (B+) How cute are Johnnie Walker and Morgan Norwich. And what an enjoyable performance they’ve put together to celebrate Nobody’s Business Theatre’s 10th (along with Redheaded Stepchild, review forthcoming). …

11 July 2014

Fringe TO 2014: Dancers & Puppets

By // Theatre (Toronto)

When All Is Said & Get Served (A) A highly contrasting pair of pieces choreographed by Winnipeg’s Alexandra Elliott, When All Is Said and Get Served share an hour on the …

09 April 2014

Muppets Most Wanted

By // Cinema

Classic Muppet movies (not the utterly-charming, but still very-different Jason Segel effort) were noteworthy in their fourth-wall breaking absurdity. The muppets were goofy, wry, and wholeheartedly dedicated to good naturedly …

25 March 2014

NYC Must See – Hand to God

By // Theatre (New York)

If there is something both inherently funny and inherently creepy about puppets, then Tyrone McHansley is the god of all puppets. Or is he the devil? One thing is certain, …

30 September 2013

Dead Dream Machine

By // Theatre (New York)

I am a Manhattanite. If I make it north of 14th Street, I am probably on my way to see a show or am playing tour guide to visiting friends. …

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