09 March 2020

Necessary Angel: The Events

By // Theatre (Toronto)

He appears suddenly, striding purposefully towards the corner of the stage and warily watching as the choir of thirty or so rehearse a piece under the direction of Claire (Raven …

02 May 2018

40 Days and 40 Nights

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Love is a daunting theme on which to base any kind of project, not least because it’s been written about for thousands of years, and any attempt to say something …

21 March 2017

On Stage in TO: Millennials

By // Theatre (Toronto)

People, especially non-millennials, love to talk about millennials. We’ve been dissected, scrutinized and written about to truly remarkable extents. The latest Survivor season was all about examining what makes us …

17 February 2013

The Psychosis of Sarah Kane

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I am not the person to talk about Necessary Angel’s current production of 4.48 Psychosis. Abstract, poetry-driven contemporary theatre is not my cup of tea to begin with, but more …

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