03 June 2013

The Andalucian Friend: Nope

By // Books

The press team on The Andalucian Friend is working their tails off to try and convince the general public that The Andalucian Friend is the Swedish thriller book equivalent of …

10 December 2012

The Dark Winter

By // Books

David Mark’s debut, The Dark Winter, is a stout, hardy, character-driven mystery that treats what is an introductory novel as a satisfying, whole, stand-alone work, complete with office politics, fleshy …

09 February 2012

Pride & Prejudice, The Murderous Sequel

By // Books

For fans of Jane Austen, like me, the publication of Death Comes to Pemberley was cause for a little celebration. The author, P.D. James, was born in Oxford in 1920, …

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