All Grown Up, My Boys Move On
  Kelly Bedard

Sunday was the finale of My Boys. The always charming, often funny TBS sitcom enjoyed 4 seasons on the air, but only had 9 episodes for each of the last 3 offerings. That meant that it would be months on end before I saw the most relatable show on TV each year. And with the […]

My Week in TV
  Kelly Bedard

The Bachelorette: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let the other guy go before the last day, causing the producers to have to scramble for a new dramatic ending. I kinda liked that, it […]

Welcome Back Boys (and PJ and Stephanie)
  Kelly Bedard

With gem lines like “this ice makes my scotch taste like freezer” and “I hope it’s not Piven”, PJ and her boys returned this week after a hiatus that was inhumanely long. But even after such a prolonged absence from my life, My Boys showed up this week swinging for the fences with 2 episodes […]

Dear NBC (and TBS), Work It Out!
  Kelly Bedard

Coming off the tragic news that My TV favourite Jordana Spiro is off of the upcoming NBC series Love Bites, I find myself once again disappointed in NBC. First of all, the reason for letting Spiro (incomparably charming, incredibly relatable) go is that she is contractually bound to TBS’ My Boys. First of all, My […]

Attention ‘My Boys’ Fans
  Kelly Bedard

If you’re a fan of TBS’ lovable comedy about a guy’s girl and her guys, you should really proclaim it to the world by becoming a fan of the show on facebook. On the show’s fan page you can find out helpful tidbits (like the show’s March premiere date), do all the usual facebook fun […]

  Lauren Keiffer

My Boys is easily one of my favorite shows, ever! After every episode, I confess I want to be part of these fictional characters lives. I want to be immersed in this show. But I don’t admire one character more than the others; in fact, I want to live like all of them, in some […]

My Boys: Quote of the Season
  Kelly Bedard

Brendan: Terminator, Battlestar Gallactica, Terminator 2… history teaches us that man always wins out in the end. Kenny: You know that’s not history right? Brendan: Only history that matters!

In Case You’re Out of the Loop
  Kelly Bedard

2 of TV’s most charming sitcoms are back on TV this week and I sure wouldn’t want you to miss out on seeing them. Christina Applegate’s Samantha Who? came back on Thursday. Be sure to tune in for next week’s episode and, in the meantime, catch up on this week’s on Be sure to […]

My Boys: making mondays my favourite day
  Kelly Bedard

I’ve said it before but I just watched the latest installment of the show that is almost single-handedly (alongside So You Think You Can Dance) getting me through the summer TV draught. Haven’t gotten into it yet? My Boys is a unique sitcom: the friendships seem real, not forced; not everyone looks like a character […]

New Weekly Obsessions
  Kelly Bedard

Every Wednesday I bring you a list of my current obsessions. This week the winners are… Mia Michaels A long-time favourite of mine, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer and judge Mia Michaels can always be relied upon for fair, tough and constructive judicial comments, a quirky turn of phrase, unique fashion choices and […]

A New Feature: My Top Ten Obsessions of the Week (maybe TV related, maybe not)

10. My epic facebook TV debate with Rachael from “I watch movies then talk about them”. Daily we exchange ideas on topics ranging from our favourite TV sidekicks to which female characters make the best case for feminism. 9. Late Canadian stage legend William Hutt’s performance of King Lear in the series finale of Slings & Arrows […]