Coming off the tragic news that My TV favourite Jordana Spiro is off of the upcoming NBC series Love Bites, I find myself once again disappointed in NBC. First of all, the reason for letting Spiro (incomparably charming, incredibly relatable) go is that she is contractually bound to TBS’ My Boys. First of all, My Boys films like 3 months out of the year, I’m sure Spiro can find a way to do both. Second of all, and I’ll elaborate on this in a minute, it’s not likely that My Boys will even be returning for a 5th season, so you might not even have to show the tiny bit of flexibility I earlier suggested. Worst reason for firing someone ever. The news does not bode well for Kyle Howard fans either as he is in exactly the same boat as Spiro;  His NBC sitcom Perfect Couples contract conflicts with My Boys. Yeah, okay, but seriously, this can be worked out. Spiro and Howard were literally the only reasons I was planning on watching these series (well, that’s a lie, Becky Newton is in Love Bites, so there’s that. But really I was in it for PJ!). NBC, you cannot afford to be alienating fans right now.

As for TBS, how dare you give TV reporters any reason at all to suggest that My Boys won’t see a fifth season! Let’s take Tyler Perry out of the equation for a second… oh, you can’t do that? BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER SHOWS!!!! My Boys is the only reason, other than Friends reruns, to ever watch TBS. And I have all the Friends DVDs, so does everyone else; reruns are dead. My Boys is unlike anything else on TV, providing for an audience generally ignored, the guy’s girl. It films quickly, gives TBS a good name, keeps the superstation in the original series equation and is inexpensive to make. So why are you threatening to take it away!?! My Boys is a crucial part of my TV season, I’ll be all off balance without it. If anything (especially on the heals of Spiro losing her NBC contract), you should up the measly episode order per season, give us more than a few episodes at a time with our boys!