The Bachelorette: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let the other guy go before the last day, causing the producers to have to scramble for a new dramatic ending. I kinda liked that, it was both humane and inconvenient- right on. I fear that The Bachelorette may have made me like Ali. Well, something new every day I guess.

Big Brother: I don’t know who to cheer for. Rachel is a lunatic but Kristen is a bitch. The brigade is a bumbling alliance but Brendan has terrible taste in women. Kathy is a nothing player. Britney and Ragan aren’t bad but I usually don’t approve of low key players. I suppose my loyalties still lie with the smartest brigade member, Matt (who’s supposed mishandled HOH last week actually took the target 100% off his back) and the so-called “floaters” Britney and Ragan whom I think are playing pretty well, just subtly (and are also each good for some solid quotables each episode). See the comments section on Tim’s post from earlier this week for more of my thoughts.

Drop Dead Diva: a good episode this week proclaimed that Jane and Grayson need to grow into their soulmate-ness. It was a great scene, brilliantly acted by Brooke Elliott and well written. It’s a sweet concept but exists entirely in TV land, somewhere I always credited Diva for not living.

Project Runway: It’s back! That is good. That is all.

My Boys: Another solid episode this week gave us some brilliant quotes as Mike planned his own birthday celebration.

Top Chef: A decent lot of chefs completely pales in comparison to last season’s. Kenny keeps proclaiming that he’s the man but has yet to truly prove it. Angelo is a decently strong chef but the producers are trying too hard to frame him as a villain when he’s not dynamic enough to warrrant it. Alex is kind of an interestingly sketchy character and Amanda is maddening but overall these people are blandly talented and boring. Once you go Volt you never go back. Though even without the brilliant brothers, last season still had lots of great going ons like the great characters and food of Kevin and Eli, the controversy of Robin and the tough gal persona of Jennifer. This season’s got none of it. It’s also the kitschiest yet, and that’s saying something considering last season was set in Vegas.

Life Unexpected: I’m catching up through summer re-runs. Me like.

The Good Wife: ditto.

The Last Comic Standing: Still loving my first experience with the show. Go Tommy Go!

So You Think You Can Dance: Kent’s got this. That’s been obvious since the second Alex went down. However, Lauren did have a spectacular week this week and Robert’s grown on me. But Travis (LOVE) choreographed one of the most upsettingly moving pieces of the series thus far and gave it to Kent to dance with all-star Neil (also, LOVE) so he’s got this, there’s no doubt about it. And deservingly so. I mean, it should have been Alex but he’s hurt. It could have been Anthony but the producers didn’t like him enough to put him in the finals. It could have been Billy, but America didn’t get him (though he REALLY should have made it past Adechike). So it’s Kent. He’s sweet, he’s charming and boy can DANCE! He can take the prize, I’m cool with that.

Bones and True Blood: My current DVD projects. I’m still in season 1 of both but hoping to catch up to the newest seasons come fall. Loving both, especially Bones (that Christmas episode is superb!)