27 March 2014

My TV Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Bones‘s Andrew Leeds

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2013 My TV Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Andrew Leeds tortured my friend Tessa. Not literally- he’s actually a perfectly …

17 November 2011

Talking to Fox: Bones

By // TV

In our 4-part series “Talking to Fox” we’re sharing the scoop from the sets of Allen Gregory, Raising Hope, New Girl and Bones. Last, but certainly not least, is the …

10 November 2011

Bones 2.0

By // TV

I stopped writing about Bones about two years ago. It had stopped being fun. The show seemed to stop being the kind of show that really benefits from tons of …

10 January 2011

The Case of the Character-Based Procedural

By // TV

There’s a stigma to any show that can be called “procedural”. The TV landscape has become so saturated with CSIs and Law & Orders and versions of NCIS that it …


31 December 2010

The Twist in Bones

By // TV

*SPOILER ALERT* For years now Bones has been high on my “eventually I really must watch that show” list. So finally I did. I’ve been working on it for a …


05 August 2010

My Week in TV

By // TV

The Bachelorette: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let …

22 May 2010

The Finale in the BONES (Season Wrap Up: Bones)

By // TV

In a season that was often uneven, and that came after a season that was so over-the-top gimmicky that its emotional epiphanies often felted tainted by the ridiculousness, Bones actually …

26 April 2010

Bones Update

By // TV

I’m about two weeks late, and I don’t have the time/energy to give this the attention it truly deserves, but as the resident Bones expert here at My Tv I …

16 October 2009

Bones: Mummification

By // TV

For most of tonight’s episode, the mummified motif present in our case of the week (which, despite being set at the Jeffersonian and involving mummies and international intrigue, seemed even …

25 September 2009


By // TV

You have no idea how relieved I am to be typing this: I REALLY enjoyed tonight’s Bones. Don’t get me wrong, it was by no means a perfect episode (the …

19 September 2009

Bones Comes Back

By // TV

I wish I could say that the Bones premier erased all my doubts about that damn finale. I really wanted it to. I feel like all I do of late is …

15 May 2009

Well, Now. That Was Dissapointing.

By // TV

**If I could have written a worse case scenario for how the writers of Bones would deal with all they promised us for this finale, it might go something like …

08 May 2009

“The Critic in the Cabernet” or Bones: Sex Watch ’09

By // TV

I’m as loyal a Bones viewer as any, having watched it since it’s premier four years ago, and loved nearly every minute of it, but I’ll be the first to …

24 April 2009

Bones: The Girl in the Mask

By // TV

After four episodes of Bones in two weeks, I think I can forgive the show that this past one felt a little… empty. It’s not that it was a bad …

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