I’m about two weeks late, and I don’t have the time/energy to give this the attention it truly deserves, but as the resident Bones expert here at My Tv I feel the need to comment on the recent dramatics. For the record, BIGGEST SPOILER WARNING EVER.
About two weeks ago, Bones had its 100th episode, an episode that coincided with a major step forward/backwards/laterally for Booth and Brennan. To summarize, Booth finally laid it all on the line, Brennan reacted like a coward not ready to deal with how deeply she feels, and the episode ended with a deeply wounded Booth telling Brennan he needed to move on if she wasn’t going to be ready for him. It was a great episode, but the ending left me nervous. Where did the show go from here?
The answer: to one of the best episodes of all time. Brennan and Booth head back to her hometown to solve the murder of a former classmate, which also happens to coincide with Brennan’s high school reunion. What followed was incredibly telling (Brennan was known as “Morticia” to her classmates and hung out with a creepy janitor played by Freddy freaking Kruger), funny (the teen horror movie parody stayed just on the right side of goofy), and moved the plot forward (the little Booth and Brennan dance, all the people hitting on both of them, the significance of Brennan’s episode ending friendship speech).
It managed to deal honestly with the ramifications of the big episode AND still be fun, something I wasn’t sure was possible. If the show can continue this, dealing honestly with Booth and Brennan’s emotions, continuing to move them towards impending couplehood while throwing up legitimate and engaging reasons for them not to be together, and writing really damn good one shot episodes, then I’m feeling more confident than I have been that the show can weather the storm of expectations than I have felt in a while.
I didn’t even mention the motion on the Hodgins/Angela front (Yay!) or the fun Sweets stuff. That’s how good this episode was!