23 January 2011

The End of Life (Unexpected)

By // TV

The interesting thing about the end of Life Unexpected is how very expected it was. The sweet show that would have fit perfectly on The WB never made much sense …


05 August 2010

My Week in TV

By // TV

The Bachelorette: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let …

24 July 2010

Actor Obsession of the Week: Kerr Smith

By // TV

As I continue on my epic journey of marathoning Dawson’s Creek, I’m realizing that this time around I’m much more fond of Jack McPhee than ever before. Why? I’m not …


24 January 2010

Pilot Watch: Life Unexpected

By // TV

So, the daughter (Lux: stupidest name in the world) is pretty vile and it falls into way too many traditional TV traps (having the characters fall back into bed together, …

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