Sunday was the finale of My Boys. The always charming, often funny TBS sitcom enjoyed 4 seasons on the air, but only had 9 episodes for each of the last 3 offerings. That meant that it would be months on end before I saw the most relatable show on TV each year. And with the recent announcement of its cancellation, I’ll never see My Boys again.

For 4 years, PJ Franklin has been the most approachable woman on the air- a true guy’s girl in a girly girl TV world. And her wonderful boys Brendan, Mike, Kenny and Bobby have been some of the sweetest TV’s ever seen. Even Stephanie, who took a long time to grow on me, will be sorely missed.

This last season saw the boys move on towards their final episode, appropriately entitled “My Men”. PJ and Bobby moved in together and he’s getting ready to start law school. Kenny decided to move to London with Stephanie, and Mike met the woman of his dreams, marrying her in a surprise ceremony in the finale. Oh, and Brandon bought Crowleys, their beloved neighbourhood bar, saving it from ruin. All the characters were sent on their way, smarter and more mature than when we met them. They’re grownups now, and though they’re moving on, we’re left knowing they’ll always be friends. And they’ll always have their home to go back to, under Brando’s management.

My Boys was about friends. It wasn’t hollywood TV glamour or shock value “realism”, it was based on real friends and clearly played by a cast that quickly became real friends. They could have be you and your friends; at times they certainly seemed like me and mine.

One of the most fun ensembles of characters ever, the my boys boys (and 2 girls) will be sorely missed from my TV schedule. But even if they won’t be around anymore, I’m incredibly glad to have had them at all.