Mike Strizic

Julian Casablancas and the boys are back, or, they will be in March.  The internet was graced last week with “One Way Trigger”, the first track from the band’s anticipated fifth studio album, Comedown Machine, and already favorable comparisons have been drawn with A-ha (“Take On Me”) and Maná (“En el muelle de San Blás”).  But before […]

  Mike Strizic

David Jacobson plays simple acoustic guitar lines like a man capable of more than a little Frivolous Complexity, who has nevertheless learned the value of restraint.  ‘Please Tell Me’, the opening track of his scintillating debut Come Around Again, lilts into being with a simple strum that shimmers with grace-notes and sophisticated ornamentation before resolving into […]

This week I went out to Glasslands to catch The Ice Choir and Craft Spells. The show was put together by PopGun, a Brooklyn based booking agency. The bill worked well with two different era kind of bands. There was a third band that opened called Ski Lodge, but I didn’t arrive in time. I […]

  Vincent Perretti

It’s been three years since The xx’s debut album came out and the absence of records saw the band touring to the point that one member left. A “Tour Only” EP was released in 2010 but contained some B-sides that had previously come out with singles. Then, this past holiday season they released a demo track, […]