29 June 2014

He Huffs and He Puffs: Huff at Magnetic North

By // Theatre

You walk into the theatre. Plastic covers the walls on the stage. At first you don’t notice, but after a while you start see something projected there.  A ribcage?  “This …

26 June 2014

Pop-Up Love Party: A Love Worth Working On

By // Theatre

“What a strange thing it is, that whereas other gods have poems and hymns made in their honour, the great and glorious god, Love, has no such encomiast among all …

25 June 2014

Magnetic North: Broken Sex Doll

By // Theatre

Virtual Stage’s Broken Sex Doll, which opened this past Friday with Magnectic North in Halifax, was a little bit like a bad one-night stand: awkward, no heart, and way too …

23 June 2014

Magnetic North: wag

By // Theatre

“What I love about dogs,” Denise Clarke mummers as she begins imitating a dog’s slow building tail-wag, “is that they can’t hide their emotions.” Despite the audience’s noticeable lack of …

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