Mike Strizic

It was a brisk, sunlit afternoon and I was walking along Queen West, headed into the city to meet a friend for dinner.  As I passed the south gates of Trinity Bellwoods, I pulled out my phone and absentmindedly flipped over to my Instagram feed like the modern, connected fellow I am.  There, I saw […]

  Mic Raygun

Pajama People hail from Allston, MA and formed soon after Lindsay Gordon (singer, guitarist, producer) and Will Lakritz (producer, vocals, keys, mastering engineer) began dating in 2010. By mid-2011 Pajama People had a full line up and began playing shows regularly. Recently they finished their second tour which brought them out to SXSW. Nostalgia bites […]

  Teresa Di Matteo

With so many up-and-coming bands racing to sign with a label and moving faster than the speed of light, it is refreshing to see a local band thrive as well as they have while taking it easy and enjoying the journey. Toronto’s Octobre’s Ending is certainly a well-polished gem, having been in the biz for […]

  Vincent Perretti

Witnessing evolution – on any level of the term – can leave one awestruck. It’s empowering, incredible, and just plain wild to experience something like that first hand – the path behind, and where said evolving will end are coming to a point in time together. Ugly, the New Brunswick trio’s fifth release, is that intersection of […]

  Vincent Perretti

Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen released what is either a very new EP or a very old EP. I say this because these tracks could very well have been what he played for Chris Taylor  – another member of the aforementioned group – early in college when Bear was just starting out as a three-piece act. […]

  Vincent Perretti

By the second track of Open Your Heart, there seems to be an exciting path this album is going to follow. Lead Nick Chiericozzi, is gruffing his way through lyrics like “Wrap your hands around my throat / Run your nails through my mind / I wanna feel you,” as a few female backups counteract […]