24 August 2016

SDCC ’16 Exclusive: Scott Porter talks Games

By // Games

The CW3PR “Gears, Green Screens & Gaming” panel at Comic-Con was co-moderated by gaming geek and games voice actor Scott Porter…

03 August 2016

SDCC ’16 Exclusive: Scott Porter talks Survivor

By // TV

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2016. There are a lot of things we love about Friday Night Lights/Hart of Dixie/Scorpion star Scott Porter. Among …

26 July 2016

SDCC Exclusive: Scott Porter talks FNL, Scorpion & More

By // TV

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2016. One of TV (and Twitter!)’s most charming stars was at Comic-Con this year moderating a panel about video …

19 September 2011

It’s Katims Week; The Premiere of Parenthood

By // TV

To celebrate Jason Katim’s SPECTACULAR EMMY WIN for the superb writing on Friday Night Lights, I thought I’d check out the season premiere of Parenthood. I really do love the …


19 August 2010

ABC Family’s Strange and Wonderful New Addition

By // TV

It’s a little old for their demographic and completely inconsistent with the goofball brand, but ABC Family has picked up a show that completely changes the way I view their …

12 July 2010

Good and Bad This Week

By // TV

The Good – SYTYCD‘s earnest (annoying?) farmboy Kent is engagingly mature, almost (dare I say it) sexy, this week in a smooth Dave Scott hip hop with Comfort and a …

26 May 2010

Where I Stand

By // TV

I realize I have fallen behind on the many many things happening in the TV world right now. It’s finale time, which means it’s My TV Season Wrap-Up time so …

19 September 2009

A New and Intriguing Hollywood Couple

By // TV

So the age difference is a little startling and I wouldn’t have set them up in a million years but it seems that two of my favourite TV actors are …

28 August 2009

Happy Casting News

By // TV

Gilmore Girls/Samantha Who comedy queen Melissa McCarthy is joining Kelsey Grammar on Hank this fall. That there is enough of a reason to watch (even if there’s no love lost …


17 August 2009

East Dillon’s New Stars

By // TV

Joining Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) on the new East Dillon football field this year on season 4 of Friday Night Lights are newcomers Michael B Jordan (as Vince) and Matt …

02 July 2009

Dillon Highschool Bids Farewell to 3 More Graduates

By // TV

One of the greatest things about Friday Night Lights is its ability to evolve with its characters instead of artificially holding on to them. Last season saw the departures of …


15 April 2009

I Can’t Say Enough

By // TV

… about the Friday Night Lights season finale (which aired on NBC on Friday). It was beautiful, touching, honest and bittersweet. The show isn’t afraid to say goodbye to beloved …


31 March 2009

I Can See the (Friday Night) Light

By // TV

We all complain all the time that good TV is dying. Every season another handful of enjoyable shows bites the dust because they can’t find an audience. Critical favourites are …


26 February 2009

Stealing My Heart on TV This Week

By // TV

The titular Chuck, Tara’s sweetly understanding husband, a softspoken Dillon Panther. Time for another picture list.

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