18 September 2013

‘FOX Needs Men!’ (Says Tuesday) / Pilot Watch: Dads

By // TV

It all started with New Girl. Well, actually it started a year earlier when FOX decided to pair the massive hit/obnoxious trainwreck Glee with two new sitcoms, one of which …

08 July 2012

Ted; or how I learned to shut my brain off and laugh

By // Cinema

While this seems like the ultimate “White Whine,” sometimes watching and reviewing films can be difficult.  Sure there are days when the movies sucks or they’re spectacular, or you had …

31 October 2011

Family Guy Gets Serious

By // TV

Family Guy is a ridiculous show that I watch mostly just in reruns. But its diverse comic style and occasional moments of poignancy make it worth it to try and …

01 October 2011

Obsession of the Week: Seth MacFarlane

By // TV

If given the chance to meet just one celebrity in my life, it wouldn’t take long for me to come up with a remarkably short list of whom I would …

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