02 September 2017

Two Dauntless Gentlewomen

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I went to Two Gentlewomen of Verona by Dauntless City Theatre because it was marketed as intersectional feminism meets Shakespeare. The title alone had gender bender written all over it. …

24 April 2017

Showdown Shit Talk: The Shakesbeerians Speak

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I’ve never placed a sports bet in my life but, ask me about Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective’s annual fundraiser where Toronto indie companies go head to head reading the first folio …

28 March 2016

Stage Combat! TO’s Indie Shakespeareans Go to War

By // Theatre (Toronto)

  Spur-of-the-Moment Shakespeare Collective just announced the detailsĀ (April 24th, The Rivoli) of their upcoming Shakesbeers Showdown. It’s the fifth iteration of the ever-expanding event and this year they’ve added Wolf …

25 April 2015

On Stage in TO: Event Theatre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Brantwood (Sheridan College) It’s a shame that this immersive, site-specific, multi-narrative, multi-genre theatrical experience will be closing on May 3rd so that the century-old school in which it’s housed can …

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