Adam Mcdonnell

Jeanine Tesori’s diverse range of work continues to impress me. Whether it be the scores for the hugely successful Shrek or Thoroughly Modern Millie, the excruciatingly raw Fun Home, or the hilarious yet heart-breaking Caroline, or Change. I was recently lucky enough to see fantastic productions of the latter two in this impressive list, and […]

Recent times have taught us that the novel ‘dark romantic comedy’ genre can work in popular culture. Tim Burton even created such a style that is now synonymous with his namesake. Corpse Bride, for example, shows that the motif can succeed in straddling the line between the macabre and the touching without falling too far onto one side or the other. It Happened […]

  Oliver Simmonds

Okay, time for another round. For some reason I forgot why I chose Best Actor/Best Actress categories—was there a special reason for that? They seem like a 1950’s vestige. Who knows. So here are the winners, acknowledging that two productions win twice, but I can assure those who didn’t see them they really were that […]

  Adam Mcdonnell

A powerful and poignant musical production from director Thom Southerland, who yet again manages to deliver an incredibly high calibre of fringe theatre. Ragtime boasts an accomplished score, intriguing story and cast and creatives who more than equal the quality of the source material. Tom Rogers and Toots Bucher’s set design is instantly striking, particularly […]

  Adam Mcdonnell

Before starting my review I think it is important to mention that this is a musical I already know very well and indeed am incredibly fond of. While this means I was already entering the theatre with the confidence that I would at least appreciate Peter Stone and Maury Yeston’s book and music, it also […]

There are similarities between this play and the school of naive art: both are flawed, though so conspicuously it must be intentional; yet, unfortunately (and often), this intention is to make a point so obvious the artist’s recourse to bad technique wastes the good. While I cannot speak for the naive artists, In the Bar […]