Clare Blackwood

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new Favourites Series! …

  Kelly Bedard

Back in 2008, Kelly and Rachael recorded the highest rated episode of the original MyTV Podcast- The Buffy/Angel Special, looking back on two of their favourite series, how they compared, how they aged and how they changed TV forever. Despite the atrocious audio quality, we thought we’d share it with you as part of our […]

  James Melo

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit that when I was first approached about the opportunity to see Pirate Lives! The Musical! (by David Marino and Stephen Gilbane, directed by Marino and musically directed by Gilbane), I was slightly apprehensive. I’d never heard of the works that served as the inspiration for […]

… he did not live Happily Ever After.

*This entire article is spoilers. Be forewarned if you haven’t yet seen Once Upon a Time, Buffy, Angel, Lost, The Sopranos or MASH*

  Kelly Bedard

There’s a stigma to any show that can be called “procedural”. The TV landscape has become so saturated with CSIs and Law & Orders and versions of NCIS that it seems like there’s not a lot left. The genre of crime/patient/case-of-the-week plotting and very basic character development is really for casual viewers. For true procedurals […]

I think I Might Be Maturing… And Other Startling Pop-Culture Related Revelations

My love for the redeemable bad boy has been well chronicled on this site, and with my ever-abiding and increasing love for Glee‘s Puck and HIMYM‘s Barney as continuing proof, I suppose it hasn’t really ended. But recently, while rewatching Veronica Mars Season Three (because, well, if it’s a season that I can’t quote entirely […]

  Kelly Bedard

One of Entertainment Weekly’s newest photo galleries is a run down of what they consider to be the 25 greatest episodes in the Whedonverse. And while I don’t agree with every choice (how are “Waiting in the Wings”, “Tabula Rasa” and “Spin the Bottle” not on this list?), they get it almost exactly right. So, […]

ANOTHER Geeky Convergence of Epic Proportions
  Rachael Nisenkier

The collaborations between the Whedon-verse and the BSG-galaxy just keep on coming. The one time blonde haired bad boy, James Marsters, is guest starring in a minimum of three episodes on the BSG spin-off Caprica, which debuts on the newly-renamed Syfy on January 22nd, 2010. But in the meantime, check out the pretty awesome pilot/miniseries […]