Saiya Floyd

Legends of Tomorrow has its work cut out for it. Not only does it have to distinguish itself from every other superhero TV show or movie, it specifically has to distinguish itself from its sibling series. Legends of Tomorrow is the third show in Greg Berlanti’s CW superhero universe, its predecessors being Arrow and The […]

  Kevin Dillon

The League of Assassins vs. Malcolm Merlin Nyssa is back to try and find Sarah, but Oliver tells her that she was killed. Nyssa knows that it was arrows that took her down, and it is Oliver’s mission to work with Nyssa to figure out who killed Sarah; she was in Starling City to track […]

  Kelly Bedard

Political Animals‘ 6-part season was great and if it doesn’t get a second season, I’ll be sad, but it’ll still be a great mini-series that got to the heart of its humans while completely leaving pretension at the door. The great James Wolk and Sebastian Stan got better and better each episode, Ellen Burstyn stayed […]

  Kelly Bedard

I’ve always loved Greg Berlanti’s work. He has a unique grasp on clever family drama and worthwhile character stories as well as never being afraid of honesty, whether it be in the form of grit, cheese, darkness or light. Though rarely a workplace-story writer, Berlanti has covered politics a lot before- with the late/great Jack […]