05 February 2016

Not Quite the Stuff of Legends

By // TV

Legends of Tomorrow has its work cut out for it. Not only does it have to distinguish itself from every other superhero TV show or movie, it specifically has to …

30 October 2014

Arrow: The Return of Nyssa al Ghul

By // TV

The League of Assassins vs. Malcolm Merlin Nyssa is back to try and find Sarah, but Oliver tells her that she was killed. Nyssa knows that it was arrows that …

09 September 2012

Season Wrap Up: Political Animals

By // TV

Political Animals‘ 6-part season was great and if it doesn’t get a second season, I’ll be sad, but it’ll still be a great mini-series that got to the heart of …

19 July 2012

Pilot Watch: Political Animals

By // TV

I’ve always loved Greg Berlanti’s work. He has a unique grasp on clever family drama and worthwhile character stories as well as never being afraid of honesty, whether it be …

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