Kelly Bedard

Did you know that one man owns the rights to Batman? Michael Uslan has executive produced every Batman film (including animation!) since 1989. Then he wrote a memoir. And now it’s headed to Broadway! We chatted with Michael in the press room at San Diego Comic-Con about his brilliant Bat-life and the journey to the Great White Way. 

At the WB Games press room celebrating the upcoming release of the new Gotham Knights game, we got the chance to sit down with Christopher Sean (Nightwing), America Young (Batgirl), Wilson Mui (Cinematic Director), Ann Lemay (Narrative Director), and Patrick Redding (Creative Director) to get the inside scoop on the game. 

I’ve loved Batman since before I can remember – the character and mythology has seemingly always been with me, from my early days laughing along with Adam West and Burt Ward as they fended off rubber sharks with Bat-Shark-Repellant Spray, to the seminal 1990s cartoon (still the greatest version of the mythology ever put to […]

Batman/Elmer Fudd #1 by Tom King, illustrated by Lee Weeks, coloured by Lovern Kindzierski…

  Marty Chodorek

I identify as a geek. I identify as a fanboy. I use fanboy as a verb when becoming exuberant about things like the release of new comics in a series I enjoy or when I have the opportunity to be in the same room as a creator I admire. And, despite the prevailing voices of […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

I really wanted to love Fox’s Gotham. It’s about Batman! It stars Ryan Atwood! It takes a unique look at the city that built the man! And there are things to love here. It’s visually stunning. Like… really awesome. In a comic book landscape that runs the gamut from cheesy to realistic to hyper realistic, […]

  Marty Chodorek

As a skeptic, I’m confident that there are lots of complex, often interconnected, rational answers for the things I don’t know. As someone who often dabbles in and reflects upon creative processes, I enjoy attributing phenomena to more nebulous, metaphysical forces. I particularly revel in ruminating upon impulses that comfortably loiter at the intersection of […]

  Matt Dodge

“The thing about Batman is that it always goes on, and that’s the thing I love about these characters… When I’m dead and moldering there will still be Batman.” -Grant Morrison In August 2009, four years and an entire universe ago, I bought my first Batman monthly comic. It was Batman And Robin #1 by […]