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14 July 2018

Toronto Fringe ’18: Part XXII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Be sure to check out our Full List of Fringe Reviews Al Lafrance: I Think I’m Dead (A+) A solo performance that floored me by its close, I suppose this …

27 April 2018

Nominee Interview Series: Alfonso Herrera

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2017 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Sense8 is a really fascinating show. It simultaneously pushes boundaries while …

17 April 2018

The 2017 Critics’ Pick Award Winners: Theatre

By , , , , , and // Theatre

On April 16th, 350 artists, arts administrators, arts critics, and arts everything else gathered at The Great Hall in Toronto to celebrate another year of creativity, ambition, talent, and hard …

02 April 2018

Nominee Interview Series: Ngozi Paul

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2017 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. A&R Angels was an interesting, yet very flawed production that left …

11 March 2018

nothing,nowhere. – Reaper

By // Music

This was a huge grower. On first listen I was ready to write it off as “better than Peep, worse than Wicca”, which I now see is wrong – he’s …

17 February 2018

Baths- Romaplasm

By // Music

Romaplasm is an album I’ve been waiting for for a long time. I don’t mean just as a followup to his landmark masterpiece, Obsidian (also my AOTY in 2013), but …

03 February 2018

Nightwood & Sulong’s Calpurnia

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Calpurnia is a meta play written and directed by Audrey Dwyer, a black Torontonian woman, about Julie, an upper class black Torontonian woman who is writing an updated version of …

28 January 2018

Corbin- Mourn

By // Music

Corbin (formerly Spooky Black/Lil Spook) was my big surprise hit of 2017. His past material was enjoyable despite the laughable lyrics and aesthetic, but his low-pulse sadboi trap&B style wasn’t …

02 December 2017

A&R Angels – Send ​Anyone Else To Save Me

By // Theatre (Toronto)

A&R Angels is a story about two songwriting guardian angels who use their music to pull people back from the brink of suicide. Though late in their career, their music …

16 November 2017

The New Converge Album Sucks (but take my opinion with a spoonful of salt)

By // Music

Rather than spend time writing a review of the new Converge album…

22 July 2017

My Top 10 of 2017 So Far

By // Music

We’re just past the halfway point of the year, and I wanted to share which releases I feel are frontrunners for my year end list. As well, this way people …

03 April 2016

2015’s Hidden Gems: Part 2

By // Music

Hello again, and welcome to the second instalment of this spotlight series on some things you probably missed from last year. Today I bring you Kodak to Graph, the stage …

01 March 2016

2015’s Hidden Gems: Part 1

By // Music

Hello My Entertainment World! I’m brand new here, and I’m very excited to share my passion with other music junkies. In 2015 I managed to get through over four hundred …

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