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18 October 2017

Settling In- The Ups & Downs of the Leafs Season So Far

By // Sports

Two weeks into the season, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are off to a start…

01 October 2017

Leafs Pre-Season Wrap Up

By // Sports

The NHL season is finally upon us with pre-season play wrapping up this Sunday. For fans, the wait has been much anticipated and this lead up carries a wealth of …

30 July 2017

Hockey Off-Season Update: Leafs Signings

By // Sports

Lou Lamoriello and the Toronto Maple Leafs have made it very clear that they’re ready to compete. While the word out of MLSE is that the Shanaplan is still in …

03 May 2017

Goodbye Albany, Hello Syracuse

By // Sports

Guys. I was at the Marlies game Friday night, and Toronto managed to close out the series in four. What I couldn’t have foreseen before puck-drop was that we were …

30 April 2017

Leafs After Elimination: Rivalries & Rookies

By // Sports

Despite falling to the Washington Capitals in six games, the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans aren’t feeling the sting of elimination. A sensational season driven by a core of …

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