20120704-Toronto-Fringe-0052-2-Photo_by_Corbin_Smith-640x426 2The Toronto Fringe Festival had 150 shows this year. We never had any hope of covering them all with our small but spirited staff of 4 but we were determined to come as close as we could. So, over the course of ten days, Kelly, Justis and Thea (with a 2-show assist from Marty and 1 from Jess!) galavanted across the city taking in 66 different Fringe performances.

The play titles with letter grades and links to our reviews are listed below in chronological order by reviewer.

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If your Fringe show scores an A+ or A, you can cash in on that goodwill with a 50% discount on advertising your next show on My Entertainment World. If you scored an A- or B+, we’ll knock 25% off the ad price. Discounts also apply to all past My Theatre Award winners (50% off), and nominees (25% off) in Toronto, Boston or New York. Email kelly@myentertainmentworld.ca for details on how to promote your next show.

Kelly’s Reviews
Tachycardia (C-)
Lwam is Eritrea’s Greatest Hockey Player (B-)
Potosi (A+)
Love’s Labour’s Lost (A-)
Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl (B+)
She’s Black, He’s Jewish, They’re Married, Oy Vey! (D)
The Common Ground: A Musical Dissertation (B)
#WeddingMusical (D-)
Myth of the Ostrich (A)
If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (B-)
Great Battles in History (A+)
Tarrare: A Story of Hunger (B-)
2-man no-show: frozens (D)
Only Human (A)
Never Swim Alone (A-)
Group Therapy (D-)
Valkyrie (B)
Emerald City- A Musical Play (B)
Jem Rolls One-Man Traffic Jam (B-)
In Denial: a One Woman Clown Show (C-)
The Legend of White Woman Creek (B+)
Ancient History (B-)
Einstein! (D)
It’s Kind of a Love Story (B)
Little Miss Understood (B-)
Fantastic Extravagance (B)
The Dark Fantastic (B-)
I Think Therefore I’m Graham (A)
Licking Knives (A-)
Don’t Tell My Dad (B+)
Evening in July (A)
52 Pick-Up (A+)
Red Bill (B+)
No Chance in Hell- A New Musical  (A)
Punch Up (A+)
Julius Caesar Project (A)
Toronto, I Love You (B+)
Hugh and I (B)

Thea’s Reviews
Lost and Found (A)
Bard Fiction (B)
Summer Spectacular (B-)
Sperm Wars (A)
Hey 90s Kids, You’re Old (B+)
Time Stands Still (A)
Sean & Steven Run for Mayor (B+)
Amusement (B+)
Parallel Play (B-) 
Cirqular (A+)
The Emergency Monologues (B+)
Mind Map (C+)
Redheaded Stepchild (A+)
Now Keep in Mind That I’m an Artist (C)
No One Needs to Know Shania (B+)
Watching Seana McKenna Watch Paint Dry (B)

Justis’ Reviews
Centre of The Universe (B)
Slut (F)
Flip the Table (A)

Marty’s Reviews
When All Is Said & Get Served (A)
Oni (B+)

Jess’ Review
One Legged Dancer (C-)