25 November 2011

Introducing My New (hopefully) Favourite Show

By // TV

With the constant writing let downs on Glee, I couldn’t be more excited that a new scripted showbiz show is coming to network TV. NBC’s midseason hosts the premiere of …


29 June 2011

Welcome to My Music

By // Music

September 2006 marked the beginning of My Entertainment World’s online network with our very first site, “My TV”. Then came “My Theatre” a few years later. Then “My Cinema”, “My …


12 February 2011

My TV Celebrates 1001

By // TV

Ladies and Gentlemen, My TV readers of all shapes and sizes, This marks the 1,001st post appearing on our little website. Since our very first article on September 24th, 2006 …

29 January 2011

So Apparently The Oscar Nominations Were Announced…

By // Cinema

 In recent years, my wide eyed enthusiasm for the Oscars has dampened a bit. I can basically trace the moment back to 2006, when Crash beat Brokeback Mountain, and I …

27 December 2010

Tis (a little after) The Season: Slightly Delayed Installment

By // Cinema

 When I think of Christmas, there is no image more indelibly burned into my brain than that of my whole family gathered together on the couch watching The Muppet Christmas …

23 July 2010

The Best Lately

By // TV

This routine from amazing jazz choreographer Mandy Moore is my favourite on So You Think You Can Dance since the tragic loss of Alex. It features the ever-improving Lauren and …


21 July 2010


By // Books

Hello Readers (ooh, that works both ways!), Welcome to My Bookshelf. This is the newest site to join the My Entertainment World family. We started with My TV, expanded with …


04 May 2010

Welcome Back HIMYM

By // TV

This week’s How I Met Your Mother was the best since its season premiere. Maybe that’s because it got back to the important story of Barney and Robin that the …


30 June 2009

Does This Sound Like A Good Idea?

By // TV

CBS, the network that enjoys the fruits of very little labour every summer with their guilty pleasure reality smash Big Brother, is at it again. There Goes the Neighborhood premieres …

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