This week’s How I Met Your Mother was the best since its season premiere. Maybe that’s because it got back to the important story of Barney and Robin that the premiere so aptly navigated. Or maybe it was the delightful callbacks to previous episodes that always make loyal fans happy (college Ted, post-Natalie Ted, post-Stella Ted). Maybe it was that the sweet, relationship-centered Marshall and Lily story was much more than their goofy-to-the-point-of-flimsy norm. Or maybe it was that it moved the characters forward. But this week’s episode “Twin Beds” was sweet, incredibly funny and poignant. From Ted’s “For My Biographer” box to Barney’s writing off his desire for Robin as boob-motivated, even the broadest comedy in the episode was character-consistent. Robin’s decision at the end threatens to change the show forever (or at least significantly for a little while) and Barney and Ted’s stories bring up consequences of nonchalant breakups that I’ve been waiting for for quite some time now. The episode was enjoyable in itself, was a callback to former hilarity and sweetness and holds the promise of interesting territory to come. You can’t get much better than that.