Zach Drummer

In the second instalment of a just now conceived three-part examination of HBO Sunday – the most juggernaut line-up since Must-See-TV NBC Thursday contained Friends, Seinfeld and George Clooney ER – allow me to bite off a little more than I should chew. During the hour and a half that precedes Silicon Valley, which continues […]

ABC Family’s Strange and Wonderful New Addition

It’s a little old for their demographic and completely inconsistent with the goofball brand, but ABC Family has picked up a show that completely changes the way I view their network. Starting September 7th, you can watch Friday Night Lights every night of the week, right from the beginning. The brilliant and subtle show is […]

2010 Spring TV Schedule
  Kelly Bedard

It’s Here! The spring TV season is among us so we at My TV have made you a handy dandy (and pretty, if we do say so ourselves) schedule of what we’re watching and when and where you can find it for yourselves (which you absolutely should do). Click on the image for a larger […]

Quality TV in the Summer?
  Kelly Bedard

This Saturday marks the return of NBC’s ambitious passion project Kings. Predictably, the epic drama failed to produce the sort of ratings that the last place network needed so it was cancelled after airing only a few episodes this winter. Now the series will have a chance to burn off their remaining episodes and wrap […]

  Kelly Bedard

Anxious for your favourite shows to return? See below for the spring premieres of all your favourites. *shows with asterisks are ones that My TV contributors watch (*for Kelly, ** for Rachael, *** for both) ***Samantha Who?– March 26, 8:30 (ABC) *90210- March 31, 9pm (The CW) ***My Boys– March 31, 10:30 (TBS) **Greek– March 30, 8pm […]

  Kelly Bedard

With premiere time part 2 of the year getting under way, it’s about time that we here at My TV let you in on what we’re watching. *shows with an asterisk are Kelly’s most anticipated/favourites What We’re Watching (or at least taking for a test drive) * United States of Tara (Showtime, Sun 10:00) Created […]

What I’m Watching
  Kelly Bedard

Now that most of the fall TV schedule is underway, I thought it’d be a good idea to let you know what I’m watching this season so you’ll know what I’ll be writing about. Without much ado at all, my list is as follows… red= must watch, most likely to write about blue= will watch […]