29 October 2017

Star Trek: Discovery, Ep 6: Lethe

By // TV

“Lethe” is an interesting oddity in Discovery so far, in that it feels the most like a stand-alone episode we’ve seen to date. We get to see some major character …

29 July 2017

SDCC ’17 Press Room: The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow

By // TV

Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Reporters in the San Diego Comic-Con press room were joined by the cast of The CW’s time …

05 December 2016

The MyEntWord Podcast: The Logan Trailer

By and // Cinema

The My Entertainment World Podcast is back with an all-new episode dissecting the trailer for the latest instalment of the X-Men film franchise. Coming to theatres on March 3rd, Logan promises to …

28 September 2015

SDCC ‘15: Behind the Music- Crime, Death & Resurrection

By // Music

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2015. I loved the CW3PR Behind the Music events at Comic-Con this year. The first of the two, featuring …

24 December 2014

TV on DVD: Paramount in November & December

By // TV

It’s time, once again, for the TV on DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount (not technically limited to TV): Hercules Because the world Definitely needed a version of Hercules starring …

08 December 2014

Girl Meets Boy Meets World

By // TV

I’ve been watching Girl Meets World faithfully from the moment it began. I will watch Girl Meets World faithfully until the moment it leaves the air (hopefully with a planned …

05 November 2014

Chicago’s First Responders

By // TV

It’s nearly impossible to watch Chicago Fire or Chicago PD without also following the other. The two NBC action-dramas from super-producer Dick Wolf are linked so closely that to use …

07 October 2014

Pilot Watch: The Flash

By // TV

Welcome to the DC/CW game Barry Allen. For the last two years Arrow has paved the way for bringing a successful small screen adaptation of a super hero. Sure the …

07 October 2014

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Bored

By // Theatre (Boston)

Tom Stoppard’s brilliant play was part of Theatre@First’s 10th anniversary. This was only the second play I’ve seen by Theatre@First, but so far I’m not impressed (I wasn’t formally reviewing …

01 July 2014

Pilot Watch: Girl Meets World

By // TV

Do you remember when Mr. Feeney gave Cory an Incomplete on his “what I will be when I grow up” project because he didn’t think playing center field for the …

08 February 2014

Chicago PD so far

By // TV

Recently, my media professor said that we were in the “Age of television.” He said the 70’s had the movies, the 90’s had hip-hop and we have TV. Then he …

01 February 2014

A Newbie’s Guide to Joanie Loves Chachi

By // TV

I’m too young for this. The Garry Marshall property I grew up with was Runaway Bride (and, later, The Princess Diaries) so you’ll excuse me if I have no idea …

23 February 2013

On Stage in Toronto: Theatrical Spinoffs

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two of the best productions currently running on Toronto stages share the unique bond of being ballsy enough to tell a beloved play’s story from a different angle. A practice …

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