Caroline Schurman-Grenier

Putting Voltaire on stage is a difficult task: it is easy to think of the philosopher’s work as too sophisticated for musical adaptation. Bernstein and Wheeler’s version of Candide attempts to make the timeless story more approachable—almost too much so. While it follows the original storyline very well, it sometimes fails to have the same […]

  Adam Mcdonnell

A very stylish and smart production of an intriguing gem of a musical that first premiered in the National Theatre back in 2011, Sedos’ take on London Road overcomes an incredibly challenging book and score and creates something that is touching, funny, uncomfortable and thought-provoking. The premise surrounds the tragic murders of 5 prostitutes in […]

  Oliver Simmonds

As part of their eclectic ‘Summer Season’ week, Sedos has put on a series of scenes from six American plays, each with distinctive moods and dynamics. I say dynamics because that it was most apparent in the selection we were given by the director Alex Magliaro. Despite the almost century-wide gap between the plays’ various […]