Steve Fisher

Second City’s 82nd and current Mainstage revue, Walking On Bombshells, opens on a stage that’s a convincing mock-up of the dingy Osgoode subway station. It’s the backdrop for the show’s opening musical number, a ditty about the perils of subway travel entitled “Is It Warm or Is It Wet?”  That specificity is unusual for the Mainstage […]

  Mark Kreder

The Resistance Continues. That’s the sub-title of The Second City’s latest run of their feminist sketch phenom She The People. And there are a lot of things to resist: those who are against vaccinating their children, men telling women what they can and can’t do, or double standards that women have to deal with. Carly Heffernan, […]

Before we announce the winners of the 2018 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. One of Toronto’s most consistently hilarious people, the great Tricia Black is the living embodiment of the Outstanding Sketch or Improv Production category, nominated as part of the ensemble of both a sketch show (She the […]

  Kelly Bedard

There’s some pretty stellar comedy to be found in Toronto this summer and it’d be a shame to let it go undiscussed in the craziness of festival season. So, while I hate to combine sketch & improv into one article (and be scolded for it by comedians- I Know They’re Very Different!), here’s a roundup […]

Thursday, June 28, a hungry audience filled the John Candy Box Theatre for “a night worth bingeing on”. The were treated to Alma Matters Productions’ Comedy Calorie hosted by Sarah Marchand. Before I get into the event, I feel it is crucial to talk about Sheena’s Place. In 1993, Lynn Carpenter lost her daughter Sheena […]

  Kelly Bedard

Theatre can be a gamble so sometimes it’s nice to see something you’re relatively sure about going in. On stage now in Toronto there are three such shows- one a critical favourite (Second City), one from a never-fail company (Coal Mine), and one with the sort of dependable source material that’s impactful no matter what […]

  Kelly Bedard

Party Today (Panic Tomorrow) is an apt name for The Second City Toronto’s silliest and least political mainstage show in a few cycles. There are moments when the bold political humour that made the last revue so impactful shows back up (Brandon Hackett makes a police brutality joke out of nowhere and its lack of […]

  Kelly Bedard

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. One of our most-nominated artists of the year, improviser Colin Munch is competing against himself in the Outstanding Sketch/Improv Performance category as a cast member of La Grande Jatte and creator/director/cast member of True Blue, both with Bad […]

2017 sucks, everything’s scary, America’s crumbling into ruins and taking the rest of the world down with it, blah blah blah; this we all know and, if you don’t, well, I’m sorry to break it to you. But what do we have? We have eloquent essayists and brave cartoonists and that incredible kid who set […]

  Kelly Bedard

Eat, Buy, Repeat (The Second City) This “Guide to the Holidays” from the Second City Touring Company is charming and fun if a little imbalanced in quality. We begin with a group song about coping in the hellfire that is 2016 but the fact that no one in this cast can sing becomes a problem […]

  Kelly Bedard

The Second City’s latest mainstage revue is as honest as it is funny, as biting as it is charming, and as surprising as it is (mostly) consistent. Every member of the cast brings a different style and point of view to the table, all hilarious in their own right but especially effective together. Created and […]

  Beth McNeil

Living in a post-Rob Ford era, you could be forgiven for thinking that all the jokes about Canadians can and have been made. But what Second City does, they do very well – injecting new life and hilarity into jabs at Trudeaumania, Tim Hortons, and Drake. Indeed, The Hotline Always Blings Twice showcases some of […]