Kelly Bedard

A Poem for Rabia (Tarragon Theatre) Spanning three continents and three generations, Nikki Shaffeeullah’s world premiere currently on stage in the Tarragon Extraspace is an intimate epic full of big ideas. The capable cast performs an exceptional array of accents- some executed with precision and nuance, others less successful- as they each take on multiple […]

  Lisa McKeown

What does it take to get someone to show you their most vulnerable parts, to get them to reveal them not just to you, but to themselves? George F. Walker’s new play, Fierce, gives us one kind of answer to that question. It’s also one of the best theatre experiences I’ve had in a while. […]

  Lorenzo Pagnotta

My expectations were high going into Oleanna at Red Sandcastle Theatre. Grace Gordon and James McGowan are extremely accomplished both on stage and on TV. The play tackles very relevant material about power dynamics, authority and sexual harassment. Carol (Gordon), a young student, seeks to address her failing grades and confusion with course concepts by […]

  Lisa McKeown

You are probably familiar with the work of James Joyce. It’s less likely that you are familiar with his only known play, Exiles. So if you are a Joyce fan, now is your chance to see this lesser-known work playing at the Red Sandcastle Theatre on Queen East, directed by Ryan Borochovitz. It makes sense […]

Theatre is a tough career. It’s long hours and hard work, low pay, challenging politics, tons of rejection and unwavering job insecurity. It’s hard to get noticed as a freelance artist and harder still to build an audience as an independent producer. Even if you’re brilliant, you’ll still likely spend your days as many of […]