15 October 2016

Kissing the Shotgun Goodnight at the Ovalhouse

By // Theatre (London)

The opening monologue, performed off-stage and possibly prerecorded, brews the promise of a ‘neo-noir fever dream’ into a disgustingly tactical succession of phrase. Its programme says the show ‘changed from …

23 July 2016

How to Win Against History at the Ovalhouse Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

The absurd can be the best escape from reality. People laugh not knowing why but it doesn’t really matter in the end because everyone is entertained. This is precisely how …

31 October 2015

Invisible Treasure by FanSHEN

By // Theatre (London)

An experience like no other is taking place at the Ovalhouse Theatre. Invisible Treasure has no script, no actors and no plot. Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe’s creation focuses on …

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