26 August 2012

Blu-ray Giveaway: Once Upon a Time

By // TV

As many of you already know, Disney Canada has been nice enough this year to give us some extra copies of some of ABC’s most engrossing 2011-2012 shows on DVD …

12 January 2012

Pilot Watch: Work It (and an ABC scolding)

By // TV

I thought I’d give ABC’s latest “plight of the modern man” sitcom at least 2 episodes before I passed judgement. All signs pointed immediately to the pits of despair, but …

14 December 2011

Once Upon a Time, there was a mildly interesting Sheriff…

By // TV

… he did not live Happily Ever After.

*This entire article is spoilers. Be forewarned if you haven’t yet seen Once Upon a Time, Buffy, Angel, Lost, The Sopranos or MASH*

26 October 2011

Pilot Watch: Once Upon a Time

By // TV

Of the many promising new shows premiering in this well-above-average fall season, ABC’s Once Upon a Time was one of the ones I was looking forward to the most. The …

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