11 January 2020

“Movies R Dumb”: Star Wars Holiday Special

By // Cinema

With Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker in theatres and Disney+’s hit show The Mandalorian finishing its first season, Star Wars is again firmly back in the contemporary zeitgeist. Critics and general …

11 January 2020

EPIC Players’ Starcatcher

By // Theatre (New York)

Little did I know what a truly magical and inspiring experience I was in for coming to HERE Arts Center on a cold winter night. This was my first time …

22 May 2019

The Buffalo Play at The Tank

By // Theatre (New York)

Have you ever been trapped with your thoughts after making a mistake? Have your thoughts ever manifested a buffalo? A talking buffalo? Please stay with me here. The Buffalo Play, …

29 November 2018

Off-Broadway: The Other John Cohen

By // Theatre (New York)

Have you ever thought back to some of the most difficult times in your own life, wishing that you could go back in time to reassure yourself that everything would …

31 October 2018

The War Party at Fringe NYC

By // Theatre (New York)

The current political climate has stirred many a playwright to tackle political themes and motifs in indie theater productions, and Vincent Delaney’s The War Party seems sprung from the brutal politics playing …

31 October 2018

American Carnage at Fringe NYC

By // Theatre (New York)

It is one of the cultural responsibilities of art and entertainment to reflect on and help us make some sense of current events and contemporary trends shaping our cultural discourse. …

26 October 2018

Ruffles, or a Progression of Rakes at The Tank

By // Theatre (New York)

Ruffles, or a Progression of Rakes, running at The Tank, aims to give some commentary and meditation on power, wealth, status, and its effects on morality, empathy, and the extent …

26 August 2018

Red Emma and the Mad Monk

By // Theatre (New York)

Despite growing connectivity and the ever-expanding access to information, activism has arguably become a largely symbolic, lazy activity devoid of lasting impact. Occupy Wall Street caused a ruckus for a …

17 August 2018

Sanguine Theatre Company Presents Alexandria

By // Theatre (New York)

Vince Gatton’s Alexandria is this year’s winner of the Sanguine Theatre Company’s Project Playwright. Alexandria was selected from over 430 submissions and turned into a fully produced play in New …

12 August 2018

Straight White Men on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

Over the course of the past year, numerous playwrights have attempted to explore the difficult issue of white privilege to varying degrees of success on New York City stages. For …

08 August 2018

Wild West Musical at NYMF

By // Theatre (New York)

The Gunfighter Meets His Match, recently at NYMF, successfully marries the classic American aesthetic of the Old West to the modern, enchanting, original music of singer/songwriter Abby Payne. Abby Payne’s …

20 June 2018

Cannibal Galaxy: A Love Story

By // Theatre (New York)

Cannibal Galaxy: A Love Story, currently running at The New Ohio Theatre on Christopher Street, benefits from strength of concept and cast-demographic. It relies on a relatively small cast of …

15 June 2018

Randy Write a Novel on Theatre Row

By // Theatre (New York)

Randy Writes A Novel, currently playing at the Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row, is not what one would conventionally call “theatre,” per se. The show is set in a theatre, …

05 June 2018

Royal Drama: The Diana Tapes

By // Theatre (New York)

Attention on the British royals escalated to mania for the second time this year when, following the birth of the third royal baby, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the …

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