21 November 2018

Hadestown at the National Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

With new theatre, it is sometimes tricky to differentiate between what comes from the original writing and from the production you are viewing. After all, such an early incarnation of …

23 October 2018

I’m Not Running by David Hare at the National Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

David Hare’s plays always seek to provoke one’s mind of current issues such as inequality, social deprivation and most particularly the politics of the changing state of the Labour Party …

21 September 2017

Oslo at the National Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

I like the elephantine plays. That’s why I went to this, and because of the Tony, and because of the premise. A combo of all. What else do I have …

12 September 2017

The National Theatre’s Follies

By // Theatre (London)

Follies is, in one way, exactly what you might expect from a 1971 work by the noted musical dramatist Stephen Sondheim, in that it’s a true spectacle, with lyrics that …

13 May 2017

Angels in America: Parts I & II at the National

By // Theatre (London)

I’m gaslighting myself in going to the big shows. Shows that scream, shows that flash, shows that flail their banality around like spaghetti and people clap. They clap! They clap. …

27 April 2017

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Winners: London

By // Theatre (London)

Okay, time for another round. For some reason I forgot why I chose Best Actor/Best Actress categories—was there a special reason for that? They seem like a 1950’s vestige. Who …

04 March 2017

Ugly Lies the Bone at the National

By // Theatre (London)

Virtual reality is one of those things that most of us are aware of, but for many (me included), its uses don’t appear to extend much beyond teenage boys wearing …

26 October 2016

A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer at the National

By // Theatre (London)

It’s over-expansive and yet at its most expansive it’s simultaneously at its best. Disregard (or don’t) the critics who call the ending effusive mush or ’emotional blackmail’. The ending is …

24 October 2016

The Red Barn at the National

By // Theatre

Big British playwright David Hare offers The Red Barn, a new work which adapts La Main, a novel by prolific Belgian Georges Simenon. Simenon was a guy who wrote thrillers …

07 August 2016

Young Chekhov: The Seagull at the National Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Following a successful run at the Chichester Festival Theatre, a trilogy of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov’s plays (adapted by David Hare) are now showing at the National Theatre in London. …

06 June 2016

Sunset at the Villa Thalia at the National’s Dorfman Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

For a play so intimately connected with Greek tragedy it is daring to have its protagonists’…

21 April 2016

The Flick at the National Theatre

By // Theatre (London)

Annie Baker’s The Flick is of a radical theatrical style; it is new and maybe even profound. This is lofty description but it is a rare and wonderful thing when …

17 August 2015

The National’s Motherfucker With the Hat

By // Theatre (London)

The National’s version of a modest summer hit is The Motherfucker With the Hat, a vulgar look at a man trying to overcome his addictions and stick to his moral …

02 June 2015

The National’s Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

By // Theatre (London)

It was not surprising that the National would put on a play post-election about the origins of Parliament. Fortunately, it is not the dry, dour production that one might expect …

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