Saiya Floyd

If Merlin’s season 5 two-part premiere is any indication, it’s going to be a very frustrating final season indeed. The majority of my problems with this episode lie with the main villain- Morgana. The episodes centered around her desperately trying to find the Diamair- a key to all knowledge that will tell her what Arthur’s […]

  Saiya Floyd

This week marks the beginning of the end for BBC’s Merlin as it enters its fifth and final season. Merlin is a retelling of Arthurian myth. Set in a Camelot where magic is banned, Merlin meets and befriends Prince Arthur. Magical shenanigans ensue. I have a love/hate relationship with Merlin. The  My TV verdict of […]

Merlin, an expert opinion
  Alyxandra Harvey

There’s another new writer joining us at My TV today. Young adult/fantasy author Alyxandra Harvey shares her insights into BBC’s Merlin (which aired series one this summer on CTV and NBC). For more from Alyx, visit her website at, and check out her new series “The Drake Chronicles” at Without further ado, here’s […]

  Kelly Bedard

The Bachelorette finale and “After the Final Rose” special:The finale goes exactly as planned as Jillian chooses an ecstatic Ed and stomps on the hearts of Kiptyn and Reid (who returned to propose and finally declare his love). The “After the Final Rose” special, however, contained one of the more awkward segments I’ve ever seen. […]

Merlin Revamped
  Tim Collins

Summer is a time for barbecues. Summer is a time for beaches. Summer is a time for sunshine and relaxation. Summer is a time for tans and vacations. Summer is not typically a time for quality television. Any given summer the percentage of reality tv I watch is somewhere around 99%. This summer is hardly […]